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Accessories C6000 and C6x00 for Sony

Bundle Accessories | Save 15%!!

Fully kitted bundle for C6000/C6X00The Fully kitted bundle our most popular accessories for your water housing. Suitable for C6000’s & C6X00 Water Housings models for Sony Camera. Save 15% off when you buy the bundle kit. Read more...$318

Most Popular Accessories

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PGXIII Pistol GripOur PGXIII Dual Stage Pistol Grip is the ultimate evolution in water photography. It's the seamless link between your eye and memory card, enabling you to capture all kinds of pictures with ease and precision. Read more...$220

Alu GoPro MountDesigned to accommodate the GoPro or any other action cameras and similar accessories with the same type of mount. Read more...$44

Neoprene Cuff Urethane Cord Wrist Leash
Exclusive Neoprene Cuff Cord Wrist leash, specifically designed by Liquid Eye to tether your favorite water housing to your wrist with a maximum confort and enhanced safety. Read more...$15


Rubber Thread Cover For S+ PortsManufactured by Liquid Eye, this S+ port size rubber thread cover is especially designed to protect the inside port getting dust or debris inside when travelling. Read more...$15

Rubber Front Cover For S+ Ports
This cover is included when purchasing a M flat port.
Manufactured by Liquid Eye, this S+ port glass cover is especially designed to protect the front glass element from scratches. Read more...$12

Other Accessories

Camera Tray

One camera tray specific to your camera is already included in the water housing
The Camera Tray is the essential element to mount your camera inside your housing. It will secure your camera inside your water housing and will ensure the perfect positioning for the controls of the water housing to be perfectly align with the controls of your camera.
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Spare Parts

All the items listed below are already included in your water housing. Add them as spare parts at your convenience

Acrylic Front Element For S+ PortsAcrylic front element replacement for flat S+ ports. Read more...$23
C6x00 Back Plate O-ringThe C6x00 Back Plate O-ring is especially designed to fit on our C6x00 water housing. Its unique shape and profile gives the box a perfect seal Read more...$13
S Series Port Hole O-ringS Series Port Hole O-ring designed to fit on our C6x00 water housing. Read more...$11
Half Threaded 5 Mm Captured Hex BoltHalf threaded 5mm Captured Hex Bolt, designed to safely secure all Liquid Eye Back Plates. Read more...$3
M4X8 Slotted Head Countersunk ScrewSlotted Head Countersunk Screw M4X8mm used to secure the GoPro mount on the top of the water housing. Read more...$2
Fully Threaded 5mm Hex BoltThe fully threaded M5X16mm Hex Bolt is a very common bolt used to attach the pistol grip or the side grips to the water housing.
¼” UNC Camera Mounting ScrewOur high-quality ¼” UNC Camera Mounting Screw equip all our camera trays.
Sony RM-VPR1 Camera PlugThe Liquid Eye Sony RM VPR1 Camera Plug is specially designed to fit in our Sony water housings. Read more...$33
ILS Contact SwitchILS contact Switch replacement part. Read more...$33
1.5mm, Allen Key1.5mm Allen Key is part of the water housing tool kit. Read more...$3
2mm, Allen Key2mm Allen Key is part of the water housing tool kit. Read more...$4
T-shaped 4mm Allen KeyT Shape 4mm Allen Key is part of the water housing tool kit. Read more...$9