Alu GoPro mount

$ 44

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The Liquid Eye Aluminum GoPro Mount for the Liquid Eye C2100, C1794XII, C1893 and C6X00 water housings is made from durable lightweight aluminum and hard anodized to resist in salt water conditions. It is designed to mount firmly onto the dedicated mounting points on top of the Water Housing.

Designed to accommodate the Go Pro Hero cameras and similar accessories with the same type of mount such as a slave flash.

Made out of black hard anodized aluminum.
It attaches firmly to the water housing mounting points with 2 M4 stainless steel screws.


Tech Specs

Size and Weight

  • Width: 14,6mm (0,57”)
  • Height: 18mm (0.7”)
  • Length: 36mm (1,40”)
  • Weight: 10g (0.35oz)


  • Hard Machined Aluminum (Hard Anodized)
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Screws

What’s in the Box

  • GoPro mount
  • 2 M4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk screws
  • 1 M5 Round Head Allen Stainless Steel screw
  • 3mm Allen key