PGXIII Pistol Grip

$ 220

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Our proprietary PGXIII Dual Stage Pistol Grip is the new evolution of our PGXII. It is the product of years of experience in water photography and long months of research and development to bring you a game changing technological breakthrough that makes your water housing and camera a seamless extension from your eye to your memory card.

The PGXIII allows for both focusing and firing using a single trigger. Tactile controls make the separation between auto-focus and shutter crisp, precise and unmistakable, resulting in exceptional tracking performance without misfires. The broad, smooth trigger is easy on your finger and its action is effortless and smooth.

The first stage of the trigger pull is the auto-focus; it is the longer and lighter segment of the pull. It terminates at the beginning of the second stage, the shutter—which feels just like a crisp, single-stage trigger. The longer initial pull gives you superior auto-focus control, then just squeeze slightly firmer on the trigger and you will both hear and feel a mechanical “click”, this indicates the shutter is firing.

The PGXIII is made from high impact polymer and incorporates durable rubber surfacing for a more secure grip.  This new generation biomechanically designed pistol grip conforms to the anatomy and mechanics of the hand and wrist.  Superior ergonomics reduce hand and wrist fatigue while allowing for a firmer grip.  Fingers are comfortably aligned at the angle that naturally occurs when gripping. The smooth easy double action of the trigger allows you to steadily track your subject and avoid misfiring.  The angular set of the mounting platform works seamlessly with the natural relaxed position of your wrist. Our system does not employ through-the-wall ports for cabling, and so eliminates a source of leaks.

Our PGXIII is definitely the ultimate pistol grip available today. It is really a seamless link between your eye and memory card, enabling you to capture all kinds of pictures with ease and precision.


Product Overview

Our PGXIII pistol grip is designed for our C2050, C2060, C2100 and C2500 water housings, it includes all mounting hardware and wiring, including the shutter release switch and AF.  Easy to install simple to use, the PGXIII pistol grip attaches using (4) marine grade stainless steel machine screws.
All the cabling is installed inside the housing.  Our proprietary ILS AF Shutter Release Switch fits in a dedicated slot in the floor of the housing. The cabling attached to the ILS Switch has a universal 3-pin connector at the other end. The camera plug connects to that 3-pin connector.


Product Information

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

  • Width: 95mm (3.74”)
  • Height: 144mm (5.7”)
  • Length: 95mm (3.74”)
  • Weight: 320g (11.30 oz)


  • High Strength Polyurethane Resin Body
  • Soft Polyurethane Rubber grip
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bolts

What’s in the Box

  • Pistol Grip Handle with Trigger Installed
  • Proprietary ILS AF Shutter Release Switch
  • (4) Stainless Steel Mounting Screws