ILS Contact Switch

$ 33

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The ILS contact Switch connects wirelessly the Liquid Eye proprietary 2 stage pistol grip with any camera supported in the Liquid Eye Water Housing System.


ILS Contact Switch

The ILS Contact Switch is a proprietary system from Liquid Eye R&D department.

It allows to connect wirelessly the trigger on the Pistol Grip with your camera.

The core part of the ILS switch is specially designed to fit in a compartment located in every Liquid Eye water housing. At the opposite end the cable is wired to a female JR plug.

The indexed JR plug will allow you to connect it with ease to all the cables available in our water housing. This distinctive feature makes the ILS Switch fully compatible with any camera cables listed on the cable replacement page.

Thus, all Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic cameras can be used in our water housing.