Liquid Eye Water Housings Guide To Getting More Out Of Your Sony

Another Instalment of Liquid Eye Water Housings Tutorial Series With Dave Yamamya. Sony a6X00’s and Battery Life. We here at Liquid Eye are big fans of the compact but heavily featured Sony a6X00 range. From the a6000 up to the a6600, you will find it hard to find cameras of their size that offer such […]

How to Get Started in Action Water Photography

    Welcome to our first instalment of our Liquid Eye Tutorial series!   Come check out the new video on our YouTube Channel as Dave Yamaya takes us on a thought provoking guide to getting started in action water photography. There are a great many things to consider when looking at getting into shooting […]

Interview Video Series Henrique Pinguim

Henrique Pinguim Interview Video Series Hello again every one. We hope you enjoyed our interview with the experts chat with the outstanding surf photographer Sebastian Rojas! Aptly, we now we bring you a  younger Brazilian photographer that was mentored by Sebastian-  he is Henrique Pinguim. Henrique is a top tier water shooter that hails from Rio de Janeiro. Henrique […]

Interview Video Series Tommy Schultz

Tommy Schultz – Ocean Adventure Photographer Hello everyone.   This week we’re proud to bring you another installment of our ‘Interviews with Experts’ YouTube series featuring award winning adventure-travel- water photographer Tommy Schultz.   If you’re following our blog, you might remember Tommy’s interview from a few months ago (click HERE to check it out). And if you’re not […]

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