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Water Housings for Nikon Cameras

Nikon, the second bestselling brand in DLSR market, is recognized for their excellent build quality and superior optics. Our Water Housings for Nikon Cameras tend to match with that excellence. Prior to the introduction of Canon’s EOS system Nikon was the number one brand in the 35 mm camera market. The Nikon-Canon rivalry is legend and continues to this day. Just a few years back Nikon took the lead in sensor performance, leading some diehard Canon photographers to “jump ship” in the never ending pursuit of better image quality. At Liquid Eye we support a full range of Water Housings for Nikon Cameras which you will find below.

About Nikon

Founded in 1917 as one of Japan’s leading optics companies, Nikon is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality cameras and lenses. Made famous by photojournalists in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Nikon cameras and lenses were prized for their sharpness and strong contrast – creating some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. The Nikon F single lens reflex camera was the definitive SLR from its launch in 1959, becoming the most widely-used small-format camera by professional photographers across the globe. Nikon F-Series cameras were even launched into space by NASA.

Nikon launched its first Digital SLR (the Nikon NASA F4) in 1991 for use with the Space Shuttle. The first mass-market DSLR came out in 1999 – the Nikon D1, featuring an APS-C image sensor which was only 2/3 the size of a 35mm frame. On later DSLR models, Nikon renamed this sensor the DX.

Nikon continuously expanded and improved its line of DSLR’s throughout the 2000’s, launching its first full-frame digital camera (the D3 in late 2007). Today, Nikon offers digital cameras range from the entry-level models to the flagship D5 DSLR. All current Nikon DSLR’s offer HD video capture capabilities – making them powerful tools for surf, water, and action sports photographers to create top quality photo and video content.

From seasoned pros to aspiring amateurs, Nikon has a camera system suitable for almost every style and budget. And with more than a decade of experience working with top photographers and film makers around the world, Liquid Eye Water Housing systems has a housing that can be configured to be compatible with nearly every camera / lens combination Nikon offers.