T Shaped 4 mm Allen Key

$ 9

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The T shaped 4 mm Allen key is a proprietary tool from Liquid Eye R&D department. Specially designed to be compact and easy to use to install all our water housings back plates.

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T Shaped 4 mm Allen Key Overview

The T Shaped 4 mm Allen Key is a specific tool designed by Liquid Eye R&D. It makes the installation of the water housings back plates very easy.

It is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and tight your back plate on and off with ease without having to over force the captured hex bolts. The compact length of this Allen key gives you a better drive to apply sufficient strength to each bolts.

A large hole through is placed on one side of the T shaped key to allow you to tether it to your key chain and always have it available whenever you need it. Its short size makes it easy to store in small pockets or bags.

This T shaped Allen key is supplied for free with all your water housings. In case of loss you can get a new one or buy an extra one if you need so.