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About Us

Liquid Eye: Crafting
Visions Underwater

In 1987, a ripple in the world of underwater photography emerged. “Liquid Eye” – a name that resonated with its purpose – stepped onto the scene as the pioneer in creating water housings. The deep blue sea, with its mysteries and wonders, called out to photographers. Yet, capturing its essence demanded equipment that could withstand its pressure and unpredictability. Liquid Eye became the answer.

Unlike mass-produced counterparts, Liquid Eye believed in the mantra of customization. Each housing was not just a product but a piece of art, handcrafted after meticulous consultation with the client. This personalized touch, combined with an uncompromising quality standard, set Liquid Eye apart.

Word spread through the tight-knit community of underwater photographers. They spoke of housings that fit their cameras like a glove, of capturing the vibrant coral reefs and fast paced action at the surface without the fear of equipment failure. This wasn’t just about protection; it was about enabling visions.

From whispered recommendations to becoming a world renowned name, Liquid Eye’s journey was fueled by satisfied photographers. Today, while the ocean remains timeless, Liquid Eye continues its legacy, evolving with the times but forever rooted in its commitment to quality, customization and meeting the needs of even the most demanding professionals.

Our Strength

Unmatched Customer Commitment

Our service extends beyond warranties. We stand by our products, supporting even the much older models. Unlike some other housing manufacturers, who assembles pre-made items, we craft our own – ensuring longevity and consistent support.

Exceptional Value for Cutting-Edge Tech

With cost-effective port systems and accessories, you can add new lens options to your kit without the hefty price tag. We don’t need to do sales through the year as we always want to give the best deal we can.

Extensive Camera and Lens Compatibility

From vintage to the latest models, we’ve got you covered. Our support extends to older, budget-friendly cameras, making us the go-to for both seasoned pros and budding photographers. There is no lens ‘off the table’ when it comes to operating the zoom, focus or aperture ring. We make them ourself so we can customise them to basically a limitless amount of lenses offered in the world.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our products are both lightweight and robust – designed for swimming efficiency and letting you get in the right position with better angles, without compromising on durability.

Three Decades of Excellence

With 36 years in the business, our history speaks for itself. Founded by an industry insider, we craft housings with photographers and filmmakers at heart. Because we don’t just make them; we understand them.

Our Team

Bernard Biancotto

Bernard Biancotto

Henrique Pinguim

Henrique Pinguim

Jason Childs

Jason Child

Keale Lemos

Keale Lemos

Kenyu Takahashi

Sebastian Rojas

Sebastian Rojas

Tim Mc Kenna

Tim McKenna