Camera Tray

$ 65

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The Camera Tray is the essential element to mount your camera inside your housing. It will secure your camera inside your water housing and will ensure the perfect positioning for the controls of the water housing to be perfectly align with the controls of your camera.

Each Camera Tray is specific to a camera model and also specific to a water housing model.

The photo product showing on this page is just for an illustration purpose and may differ depending on your camera model.

Made with high strength light weight composites (some models are made out of PLA) our Camera Tray include mounting hardware ¼” UNC Stainless Steel bolt to attach to your camera.

Each water housing includes a Camera Tray.

You may want to get a spare one in case of a possible loss, or in case you want to mount a different camera inside your housing as many of our water housing can suit several camera models.



Width: 90mm (3.54”)

Height: Variable

Length: 75mm (2.95”)

Weight: Variable


  • High Strength Polyurethane Resin Body OR PLA for some models
  • ¼” UNC Stainless Steel Camera Bolt

What’s in the Box

  • Camera Tray with ¼” UNC Bolt