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Purchasing terms and conditions – Disclaimer

By purchasing a Liquid Eye product the customer agrees to accept the risk involved in using a still camera or any electronic device in a marine environment and they do so entirely at their own risk. Liquid Eye is in no way liable for any damages to the DSLR or electronic device through the use of this product. Under no circumstances and in no event will Liquid Eye be liable in any way whatsoever for personal injury or property damage or any other loss, damage, cost of repairs or incidental, punitive, consequential, or liquidated damages of any kind, whether based upon warranty, negligence or any other cause of action arising in connection with the design, manufacture, sale, transportation or use of the products sold by Liquid Eye.

Buyer hereby acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances and in no event shall Liquid Eye’s liability exceed the sales price of the Liquid Eye product or defective Liquid Eye product.

Terms and Conditions – Warranty

Payment is to be paid in full prior to receiving product and no cash refunds or credits will be made.

Liquid Eye limited warranty warrants against material defects, workmanship and manufacturing defaults for only the Liquid Eye product for a period of 1 year from date of the housing’s completion. Liquid Eye’s liability shall not exceed the repair of the Liquid Eye water-housing.

All Liquid Eye water-housings are stringently leak tested and inspected for defects at the completion of manufacturing and again prior to release to the customer/buyer. Only water-housings that pass these quality checks are released to the customer/buyer.

Thus the customer/buyer accepts that any risk to the camera from taking the camera and water-housing into a marine environment will be entirely their own responsibility.

Liquid Eye warranty does not cover against the following:

  • General misuse of product.
  • Forcefully fitting parts or overworking the product.
  • Dropping the product or letting the product be subject to excessive force or sudden impact.
  • Taking product beyond the designated pressure depth (30 feet / 10 meters).
  • Any incidental or consequential damages whatsoever through extreme use.

In the event that a Liquid Eye water-housing/product faults within the allocated warranty time period, the water-housing/product will be fixed at Liquid Eye’s expense (except shipping costs). Under no circumstances shall the water-housing/product be replaced. The buyer is to contact Liquid Eye with the problem and appropriate arrangements will be made.

It is strongly advised that the customer obtain insurance to cover the costs of repair or replacement of your photographic equipment in the event that the equipment sustains damage while being used in the Liquid Eye water-housing/product.

Payments policies

Liquid Eye offers you several way to pay your order. Each of them have specific processes. Check our dedicated page on this matter or consult us for more details.

In case of PayPal payment, as Liquid Eye only manufactures custom-made models on specific orders, buyer will not be eligible for buyer protection according to PayPal buyer’s protection policies. Any disputes coming in will end up denied. Even if it is “item not as described dispute”. When using PayPal, make sure you do not choose this buyer protection as it will lead PayPal to apply a significant fee that we will have to add on top of the surcharge to your invoice. Your order will not be shipped until this fee will be fully paid.