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Water Housings for Sony Cameras

When we at Liquid Eye first saw the Sony α6000, we immediately understood that this camera would be a game changer. It was obvious to us we needed to design Water Housings for Sony Cameras.

This camera’s features read like a surf photographer’s wish list— small, light, super- fast, and very affordable!  So even though at that time it was not widely known, let alone accepted in the world of surf photography, we decided to take a chance and began designing a housing that would make the most of this camera’s amazing features. The gamble paid off when our flagship model the C6000s was enthusiastically embraced by our team photographers as the game changer that we thought it would be.
With the introduction of the α6300 and the α6500 Sony has amassed a huge following of former Canon and Nikon surf and water sports photographers. Many made the jump to Sony and never looked back.
Liquid Eye is very proud of being one of the first splash water housing manufacturers to design water housings optimized to the small size of these new cameras.

We do believe they are the future of water photography. We also support selected models of the α7 and α9 series with their fantastic specifications, along with the DSLR α99 II.
Below you will find our full range of Water Housings for Sony Cameras α line.

About Sony

Launched in 1946 during the post-war years of WWII, Sony began as an electronics shop in a Tokyo Department Store. Its first product was a simple transistor radio. But in the following decades, Sony quickly expanded into a wide range of consumer electronics – including its iconic Walkman, camcorder, televisions, and Playstation.

Sony’s reputation for quality and reliability helped to raise the perception of high quality engineering and electronics from Japan that continues to this day.

Sony first entered the photography market with its Cybershot line, launched in 1996. Sony DSLR’s followed under the Alpha brand name after buying the camera business of Konica Minolta in 2006.

Sony’s line of Alpha Mirrorless cameras created a revolution in the DSLR market.

They offer professional photographers the option to shoot top-quality photo and video content with a compact DSLR. Their average size is almost half the weight and significantly smaller than the more traditional DSLR’s offered by Canon and Nikon.

Today Sony DSLR’s are the #3 sellers worldwide, just behind Canon and Nikon.

Employing the same full-frame CMOS digital sensors found in the much larger ‘mirrored’ DSLR’s, the compact Sony mirrorless DSLR’s offer:

  • high performance burst rates of up to 12 frames per second for still photos
  • 120 fps slow-motion video at full Ultra HD 4K resolution,
  • a compatibility with a range of Canon and Nikon lenses.

Liquid Eye Water Housing systems has designed a complete range of water housings for the Sony Alpha line of Mirrorless DSLR’s.

Offering professional and aspiring amateur photographers and videographers the option to shoot in and around the water with these compact, lightweight, and cutting-edge digital cameras.