C6500 Advanced Water Housing For Sony A6500

From $ 845

Water Housing for Sony A6500

Our C6500 II Water Housing for Sony A6500 kit includes an extremely durable, impact resistant polyurethane resin water housing, an acrylic back plate with access to your cameras essential controls, an auxiliary front shutter button and on/off button, top CF button, a mode dial, a control dial and has control of the PowerZoom on the Sony 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS.

The Sony A6500 can now also be used with the C6X00 water housing.

*Power Zoom for the Sony NEX PZ 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OSS

Product Information


  • Housing made from High-strength, Durable Polyurethane Resin
  • Acrylic Back Plate (12mm / 1/2″ thick)
  • Port is Interchangeable S Mount Port System for the Sony (and third party brand) Lens Series
  • Stainless Steel Controls are Ergonomic Marine Grade Stainless
  • Lens Zoom Control Ready for the Sony 16-50 F3,5-5,6
  • Auxiliary Front Shutter Control Button with ON/OFF
  • Mode and Control Dial

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

  • Width: 168mm (6.6″)
  • Height: 100mm (3.94″)
  • Depth: 71mm (2.8″)
  • Weight:675g (1.48lbs) Housing with Back Plate and S-Port system

Depth Rating

  • -10m (33ft)


  • Polyurethane Body, Ports
  • Acrylic Back Plate.
  • Stainless Steel and Durable Composite Controls.
  • High Strength Polyurethane Resin and Rubber Grip


On the Housing

  • On/Off-Front Shutter combo control
  • Zoom Control for Eligible Zoom Lenses
  • Mode Dial
  • Dial
  • C1 Custom Button

What’s in the Box of the Water Housing for Sony A6500 Alpha 6500 α6500 ?

  • C6000s II Water Housing with Front Shutter-On/Off, Power Zoom Control for selected lenses, C1 Custom Button, Mode Dial, Control Dial and Electronic Cabling
  • Back Plate with Controls (see list above)
  • Tool kit – 1 Hex Keys ( 4 mm)

*please note – without the pistol grip the Liquid Eye Pro Leash cannot be attached to this housing. However, there is a small hole that can be used to tether the housing with a smaller leash/rope.

About the Sony A6500

Upgraded in mid-2016, the Sony Alpha α6500 Mirrorless Camera continued to improve the features that made the Alpha α6000 and α6300 a viable alternative to traditional DSLR’s for professional photographers and videographers.

Built around a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS digital sensor and powered by a BIONZ X image processor – capable of producing photos at a burst rate of 11 frames per second (fps) for up to 269 frames. The Alpha α6500 features one of the world’s fastest autofocus systems – a new hybrid 4D FOCUS has 425 phase detection AF points across the imaging sensor.

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Capable of shooting full Ultra HD 4K quality video at up to 30 frames per second (fps), videographers have a powerful tool with the Alpha α6500. The 425-point autofocus system works even in video mode, enabling the tracking of moving subjects with live video. The Alpha α6500 also boasts a 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization system – accurately compensating for up to 5 stops of camera shake. Full HD video capture is possible at up to 120 frames per second (fps), enabling high definition slow motion video at 4x or 5x.

With an ISO range of 100-51,200, the Sony Alpha α6500 is suitable for everything from night photography to low light surf and water sports photography. Weighing in at an ultralightweight .91 pounds, and half the size of a traditional DSLR, the alloy body of the Alpha α6500 is light enough for a long swim, but strong and sturdy for work in the field. The camera body is also weather sealed for durability in and around the surf. Selling for less than $1,400, the Alpha α6500 is a strong alternative to the traditional DSLR’s that can cost/weigh significantly more.

Fast Hybrid Auto Focus

The Sony α6500 has the world’s fastest Auto Focus speed. This speed is made possible through the integration of the Fast Hybrid AF’s performance and the Sony Exclusive BIONZ X, which is an image-processing technology. This engine is highly efficient and offers precise handling of information. This results in a remarkably fast, efficient and precise Auto Focus and tracking performance when capturing movies and still images.

425 Phase-Detection Auto Focus Points

The camera’s 425 Phase Detection Auto Focus points help to provide a distinctively wide and dense Auto Focus point coverage. The α6500 is capable of focusing more efficiently, precisely and reliably on subjects all throughout the camera frame. In addition, the high density tracking auto focus technology works by seamlessly activating the AF points in order to cover and track subjects that are moving within the frame through unerring precision.

24.2 Megapixel Exmor® CMOS

The Sony α6500 also features an APS-C sensor and has a megapixel of 24.2. It also comes equipped with extremely thin wiring as well as a large photodiode for the efficiency of light collection. Combined with Sony’s BIONZ X, which is an image processing technology, the sensor is capable of achieving a wide ISO sensitivity range of 100-51200 and with a very low noise. The fast-transmission copper wire of the sensor also helps the camera to shoot movies in 4K and full high definition.

In-body 5-axis Image Stabilization

The Sony α6500 compensates for the five types of camera shakes and extends opportunities to shoot movies and still images steadier. The newly designed high accuracy gyro sensor offers an image stabilization effect equal to a five-step faster shutter speed. Moreover, the camera allows users to zoom in faraway subjects and take photos up-close. It’s also capable of capturing night scenes with minimal shake and blur.

Intuitive Touch Focus

The Touch Focus of the Sony α6500 makes using the focus point selection very intuitive. You simply have to use your finger in gently tapping the LCD screen at the point of the image that you wanted to focus on. The camera’s Touch Pad function allows you to smoothly shift your focus point by swiping your finger on the touchscreen even when using the viewfinder.

XGA OLED Tru Finder

Sony α6500 has a high resolution, high contrast and high visibility OLED Tru Finder. This is capable of reproducing color and darkness in a very fine detail. It results to a clearer and smoother views of the scenes and when tracking certain objects. You can choose either the 120 (100fps15) or the 60fps (50fps15) frame rate when using the viewfinder.

Color Selection

Our Water Housing stock color is yellow. Yet, we offer a wide range of color to make your model at your convenience. Select the color of your choice down below.

Due to differences with CMYK pigments colors vs RGB video colors and screen monitor settings / calibration, the real colors of the housing may differ to how they appear here. To be only used as a guide to choose the color.

For technical reasons, black and white colors are not available