Photographer Bundle


The Photographer Bundle includes our most popular accessories for your water housing. Suitable for All Our Water Housings models.

  • Compatible with the All Liquid Eye Water Housing.
  • Save 15% off when you buy the bundle kit
  • Includeds the latest 2 stage pistol grip -PGXIII, GoPro Mount, Pro Leash and cover for the port hole on the housing.

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Our “Photographer Bundle” includes the Pistol Grip, Go Pro Mount, Cover Port Hole Housing and Pro leash, each of which is deemed essential to optimal functionality of your Water Housing. We highly recommend these accessories to ensure your gear maintains its high quality. 

Still’s Shooter Bundle contains:

  • Our proprietary PGXIII Dual Stage Pistol Grip
  • Go Pro Mount
  • CoverPort Hole Housing
  • Neoprene Cuff Urethane Cord Wrist Pro Leash