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Accessories for C2100 & C5100 with Nikon Z mount

Here you will find all the accessories we have for our C2100 and C5100 water housings used with the Nikon Z mount. For Non Z mount lenses used with FTZ adaptor, please consult us. Listed below are ports, gear sleeves, grips and other accessories such as Go-Pro and tripod mounts etc.


These are all the ports for our C2100 and C5100 housing with Nikon Z Mount. This table will assist you with selecting your port and the gear sleeve.

Lens BrandLens FocalLens AperturePort C2100Port C5100Gear sleeve
Nikon Z14-24f2.8 sL-LP-120 or
L-LD6012 + L-SP-50,
L-LD6016 + L-SP-50,
L-LD6022 + L-SP-50
L-LP-130 or
L-LD6012 + L-SP-60,
L-LD6016 + L-SP-60,
L-LD6022 + L-SP-60
Nikon Z14-30f4L-LP-110 or
L-LD4812 + L-SP-50,
L-LD4516 + L-SP-50,
L-LD4522 + L-SP-50
L-LP-120 or
L-LD4812 + L-SP-60,
L-LD4516 + L-SP-60,
L-LD4522 + L-SP-60
GS 14-30 f4s N
Nikon Z201.8 sL-LP-100L-LP-110N/A
Nikon Z24f1.8 sL-LP-90L-LP-100N/A
Nikon Z24-70f4 sL-LT-50 + L-SP-40L-LT-50 + L-SP-50GS 24-70 f4s N
Nikon Z24-70f2.8 sL-LT-50 + L-SP-60L-LT-50 + L-SP-70GS 24-70 f2.8s N
Nikon Z28f2.8 sL-LP-50L-LP-50N/A
Nikon Z28 - 75f2.8 sL-LT-50 + L-SP-60L-LT-50 + L-SP-70Enquire
Nikon Z35f1.8 sL-LP-80L-LP-90N/A
Nikon Z40f2s L-LP-50L-LP-50N/A
Nikon Z50f1.2 sL-SP-40 + L-LP-110L-SP-40 + L-LP-120N/A
Nikon Z50f1.8 sL-LP-80L-LP-90N/A
Nikon Z50f2.8 MacroL-LP-60L-LP-70N/A
Nikon Z85f1.8 sL-LP-90L-LP-100N/A
Nikon Z105f2.8 MacroL-LP-130L-LP-140N/A


These housings can be used with either a pistol grip or a double side handle video grip, but not both simultaneously.  Change from one to the other depending on your application


Here you will find a few more accessories you may need.