C2100 Advanced Water Housing for Nikon D7200

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Product Overview

Our C2100 Advanced Water Housing for Nikon D7200 is sold with the advanced backplate, camera tray for your camera model and the left side grip. You need to add a port system for your lens if you do not have an existing L-Port system.

The C2100 kit includes:

  • an extremely durable, impact resistant polyurethane resin water housing,
  • an acrylic back plate with access to your DSLR’s essential controls,
  • a rugged left side hand grip, a camera tray, an auxiliary front shutter button
  • and our ultra-smooth zoom control*

This is a complete water ready system; all you add is the camera and lens and you are equipped to go.
Our Liquid Eye Model C2100 Advanced Water Housing for Nikon D7200 is compatible with several others different camera bodies. All that is needed to switch from one to another is to switch the camera tray, the back plate (for Advanced Models only), the camera plug (if the two cameras use different plugs) and the Shutter Extender (for Advanced Models only)

* Zoom lenses require a gear sleeve to engage the water housings zoom control. These are subject to additional cost.

Product Information


  • Housing made from High-strength, Durable Polyurethane resin
  • Acrylic Back Plate (12mm / 1/2″ thick)
  • Left Side Hand Grip is Ergonomic and Strong
  • Stainless Steel Controls are Ergonomic Marine Grade Stainless
  • Lens Zoom Control Ready
  • Camera Tray System is Interchangeable
  • Auxiliary Front Shutter Control Button

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

  • Width: 200mm (7.75”)
  • Height: 180mm (7”)
  • Depth: 110mm (4.25”)
  • Weight: 1700g (3.7lbs.) Housing with Back Plate, L-Side Grip.


  • Polyurethane Body, Ports, Side Grip, Base Plate and Tray.
  • Acrylic Back Plate.
  • Stainless Steel and Durable Composite Controls.
  • High Strength Polyurethane Resin and Rubber Grip


On the housing

  • Front shutter button (not included on the standard model)
  • Zoom control

On the ADVANCED back plate

  • Main Dial Control
  • Live View Selector Button Combo
  • Playback
  • Soft Ergonomic Rubber Eye Cup

What’s in the Box of the Advanced Water housing for Nikon D7200 ?

  • C2100 Water Housing with Front Shutter, Zoom Control and Electronic Cabling.
  • Camera Base Plate and Tray.
  • Back Plate with Controls.
  • Left side Grip.
  • Tool kit – 3 Hex Keys (1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm), Spare Camera Plug and ILS Switch, 2 Spare 5×16 SS Hex screws, 2 spare 5x12mm SS Flat Head Machine Screws, Packet of Marine Grease.

About the Nikon D7200

Continuing to improve the popular features of the D7100, the Nikon D7200 is an excellent tool for professional photographers and videographers looking for a good compromise of function and price to create top quality photos and video.

Built around a 24.2 megapixel CMOS digital sensor and powered by an EXPEED 4 image processor, the D7200 is capable of shooting publication / broadcast quality still photos and Full HD video. Improving the performance of the D700 for action sports photographers, the Nikon D7200 can shoot up to 6 frames per second and uses a 51-point autofocus system, enabling photographers and videographers track fast moving subjects in both photo and video mode.

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The ISO range for the D7200 has been expanded to 25,600 for low light shooting. In video mode, the D7200 can capture Full HD at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second (fps). The Vari-angle, tilting LCD back panel allows creative compositions and unusual angles that would otherwise be impossible. Coupled with a smart phone and the Nikon camera app, photographers can remotely control and view their camera’s viewfinder – allowing for even more creative options when creating photos and video.

Stunning Definition

The Nikon D7200 is capable of producing highly exceptional photos and videos. The camera’s 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor works along with the brand’s EXPEED imaging processing technology in order to further enhance the picture tonality and detail. This remarkable image quality is maintained all through out, until the ISO range of 25,600. It’s also possible to expand the ISO range of up to BW1 and BW2 in order to shoot monochromatic images even under situations with very challenging lighting conditions. Whether you are shooting videos or still images, choosing the 1.3x crop mode can possibly extend the reach of Nikon’s exclusive lens, the NIKKOR FX and DX format lenses. Indeed, the D7200 helps you to get closer to the action, wildlife, sports and more.

First Nikon DSLR with Built-in Wi-Fi

With the Nikon D7200’s built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily share your remarkable photos to social networking sites without so many hassles. You can even do it while you are on the go. This is made possible with the built-in NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity. You just need to link it with your compatible tablet or smartphone in order to establish a Wi-Fi connection. As soon as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can start using your device to browse photos on your D7200 camera and share your favorite photos through email, text or by posting it in your favorite social networking site. You can also use your smartphone as remote and conveniently take photos using your Nikon D7200 camera.

Increased Buffer and High Speed Frame Rate

With the continuous shooting ability of the Nikon D7200’s fps, the camera is a great choice for shooting wildlife, sports and any fast action. The camera has a large buffer capacity, capable of handling up to about 100 shots of continuous shooting in JPEG. It can take up to 27 shots in 12-bit and 18 shots while using 14-bit.

Exceptionally Rendered Time Lapse Movies

With the Nikon D7200, you can capture daily life happenings in exceptionally stunning quality. It also allows you to experiment new forms of creativity. Create time-lapse movies through the D7200 and enjoy smooth exposure transitions through Auto ISO while also monitoring Highlight Display.

You can also apply flat picture control for ease of color grading. Uncompressed footage can also be transferred through external recorder with an optional HDMI cable when recording simultaneously into the internal SD memory card. You can also use the optional wireless microphone to record clear aural audio even as far as 164 feet. You can also choose to attach the optional stereo microphone to the remote of the wireless microphone and enjoy stereo recording.

Capture Challenging Situations

Whether you are capturing photos after dusk or during daylight, the superb Auto Focus system of D7200 will keep up. Its Advanced Multi CAM AF sensor module is capable of achieving outstanding focus detection even if the surrounding is very dim. The camera’s high-density focus points cover an expansive area of the frame through a DX format, while the 15-cross type sensor in the center offers higher detection strength. The one center Auto Focus point also works all the way to f/8 to achieve greater AF performance if using tele-converters.

Color Selection

Our Water Housing stock color is yellow. Yet, we offer a wide range of color to make your model at your convenience. Select the color of your choice down below.

Due to differences with CMYK pigments colors vs RGB video colors and screen monitor settings / calibration, the real colors of the housing may differ to how they appear here. To be only used as a guide to choose the color.

For technical reasons, black and white colors are not available