C2100 Advanced Water housing for Nikon D810

$ 1450

Product Overview


The C2100 kit includes:

  • an extremely durable, impact resistant polyurethane resin water housing,
  • an acrylic back plate with access to your essential controls,
  • a rugged left side hand grip, a camera tray, an electronic two stage front shutter button.
  • and our ultra-smooth zoom control*
  • Depth rating 10m/33ft
  • 1 year warranty

Our Liquid Eye Model C2100 Advanced Water Housing is compatible with several others different camera bodies. All that is needed to switch from one to another is to switch the camera tray, the back plate (for Advanced Models only), the camera plug (if the two cameras use different plugs).

* Zoom lenses require a gear sleeve to engage the water housings zoom control. These are subject to additional cost.