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The Team at Liquid Eye have been busy in 2023, as always listening to and striving to provide our customers with the best options available in the water housing realm. Today, we’re excited to introduce the C2090, an underwater camera housing system designed to revolutionise the way you execute your shoots in and around the water.  This innovative design, featuring our new “One and Done” Fast Closure System, is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to a creative world where every moment becomes an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

A fast closure system that doesn’t compromise strength or control accessibility for your camera.


The Need for Speed: Unleashing the “One and Done” Fast Closure System

In the fast-paced world of water sports, free diving, and fashion photography, timing can be everything. The C2090 embraces this reality with its “One and Done” Fast Closure System, a game-changer in underwater photography. Imagine securing your camera housing with just one latch – fast, easy, and unbelievably secure. The innovation lies not only in its speed but in its ability to withstand the rigorous challenges of the real world.


Rigorously Tested for Real-World Reliability

The C2090 has been put to the ultimate test by our team. Taking it to depths exceeding 25 meters for extended periods both diving and dropping it down with weights to allow it to stay down for 30 minute tests at depth. This was done repeatedly to ensure, when you go down to our recommended 10m/33ft depths we rate them for, you will not have to second guess your equipment. We have already ensured they can handle much worse!


The team checked the swell forecasts religiously last year. Every time there was a large swell, they would be putting themselves in the impact zone of the heaviest spots, placing the housing in situations people generally avoid – right under the breaking lip of the tallest and thickest waves. The team literally have invested blood and sweat into testing this closure system – putting the housing and their bodies right in the path of heaving waves, refining it over more than half a year and multiple different versions until the ultimate design for our new system emerged. The teams passion for the success of this new model shines through in the finished product.

The “One and Done” Fast Closure System was also tested with various types of sand, from fine, metallic black sand – to powdery white sand – to coarse shell-filled sand. The team literally forcing sand into it to try to compromise it, proving that it can withstand any environmental challenge without compromising performance.

In these challenging conditions the C2090 emerged victorious every time, demonstrating not only its resilience but also our steadfast commitment to securing your valuable equipment.

Designed for Action: Anytime, Anywhere

Water sports photographers and filmmakers, free divers, fashion photographers and enthusiasts wanting to create their own imagery will always demand equipment that can keep up with their dynamic pursuits. The C2090 is engineered to be more than just a housing system; it’s your partner in capturing the essence of high-energy moments. Whether you’re in the waves, exploring the reefs, or orchestrating a fashion shoot, the C2090 is built to seamlessly adapt to your every move. With the “One and Done” Fast Closure System, it ensures that you never miss a critical shot in the heat of the action.

Versatile Lighting Opportunities: Bluetooth Side Grip and Flash Housing

But the C2090 is not just about speed; it’s about elevating your creative capabilities. Picture this: seamlessly integrating your housing system with our new Flash Housing, unlocking a world of lighting opportunities. This cutting-edge combination allows you to experiment with creative lighting techniques, transforming your photography into works of art. Illuminate your subjects with precision, capture the play of light and shadow, and bring your vision to life with the C2090’s innovative accessories.

The C2090 is also compatible with our Bluetooth Side Grip, there is one specific to our Canon and Sony models. For film makers this provides the absolute best in stability and ease of use, allowing you to focus on your composition and creativity.









Accessibility Meets Innovation: Controls at Your Fingertips

In dynamic environments, when every second counts, quick access to controls is essential. The “One and Done” design of the C2090 doesn’t compromise on accessibility. Controls on top of the housing remain easily reachable, allowing you to make on-the-fly adjustments without missing a beat. Whether you need to adjust exposure settings, change focus modes, or toggle between shooting modes, the C2090 ensures that you have complete control at your fingertips, even in the midst of the most exhilarating moments.

For Canon that means access to your front dial, M-Fn button and movie record, while on Sony you have access to On/Off switch (significantly increasing battery life!), C1/3 and movie record – just as you would on your camera. This means the controls on the back of the camera do not have to be reassigned to these essential controls. Allowing customisation that makes using your housing that much easier, helping your work flow and enjoyment of using your water housing.

Dive Deeper into Creativity: Pushing Boundaries with the C2090

The C2090 is not just a housing system; it’s a tool of creative freedom. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in water photography and film making. With the C2090, every click of the shutter becomes an opportunity to capture the dynamic energy of water sports, the grace and beauty of underwater seascapes and animal life, or the flair and creativity of fashion and lifestyle.

Unlocking Creative Possibilities: The C2090 Experience

Immerse yourself in a world where ease of use, strength and innovation converge. The C2090 is designed not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of photographers and videographers who demand the best from their equipment. Picture yourself in the heart of the action, with the confidence that your camera is securely housed, accessible, and ready to capture the next breath taking moment. You can focus on intuitively capturing what is in front of the lens, not what you need to do behind it.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Photography with the C2090

The C2090 is not just a housing system; it’s a catalyst for a new era in water photography and film making. It’s a commitment to providing people with the tools they need to excel in the most challenging environments. The “One and Done” Fast Closure System, real-world reliability, and innovative accessories make the C2090 a standout choice for those who seek to push the boundaries of their craft.

Are You Ready to Redefine Your Creative Limits?

Choose the C2090 and immerse yourself in a world where every dive, every frame, and every flash of light tells a unique story. Elevate yourself and embrace innovation, redefine your creativity with the C2090 underwater camera housing system.

Check out our line-up of our new housing on our website and contact the team for any questions!