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Keale Lemos

This week’s post is on Keale Lemos; our rising star from Oahu’s North Shore presenting his Water Housing for the Sony A6300, our C6300. This model has rapidly become his favorite tool for shooting surf and other ocean images. He explains here why he chose the Sony A6300 and why he likes to shoot surf with this tiny (but still amazing) camera. He goes on to talk about the benefits of our small volume water housing we designed for this Sony Alpha 6300, the C6300.

At Liquid Eye, our philosophy is to get the best advantages from a camera’s design. It was obvious to us that the capabilities of this camera were incredibly amazing in such a small body.
Just stop here and think a few seconds. A few years back, not so long ago, many of the features this mirrorless camera provides, were only found on big brand’s flag ship models at $$$$$$.

Today, with this camera line, you have those features available in the palm of your hands at a very affordable price.


 All packed in a small metal casing. It would be silly for us to just adapt one of our older, larger model housings to this compact camera. Don’t you think so?

That is why we designed it all from scratch with this size in mind. Our water housing for the Sony A6300 and all other models from the same series were design with this idea in mind– keep it as small as possible and as light as possible, at the most affordable price possible. This is what the Sony engineers did and so did we.