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We recommend a water housing better than a waterproof camera?

Waterproof camera s are obviously an easy way to go. Let us check what is better for you.

Save money, still use your DSLR camera

You certainly own a camera that gives you 100% satisfaction, and you should keep using it ! You could buy a waterproof camera but those models are usually very limited. So, why wouldn’t you consider investing waterproof camerain a water housing rather than buying a waterproof camera and save money ?

Long term investment

A water housing solution will offer you a stable and secure equipment for a longer term. For instance, do you know that a regular waterproof camera has limited gasket lifetime, and that you wont be able to change it and probably have to throw your camera away?  For instance check this link ( for a sony product) out to see what you can get by buying one of our water housing.


Powerful features

A regular water resistant camera has only very limited features when housing your DSLR in a water housing will allow you to take advantage of most of the features of your beloved camera without having to buy an extra camera.