S-LD-4916 Front Port

$ 300

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Our Liquid Eye Dome Port S-LD-4916 is for use with the Samyang 8mm f2.8 Fisheye Version 2 and the Sony SEL16mm f2.8 with a Sony Fish Eye Converter.

It can also be used on our C1100 for Sony RX 100 series.
This 160mm (6”) dome is ideal for surface photography and for use in all water conditions. Its larger diameter makes above-below surface split images easier to achieve in calm water conditions.

The port features a threaded system that is designed specifically for use with Liquid Eye’s Sony α6X00 series water housings.

No tools are required to attach or remove the port. The port’s acrylic lens is removable and replaceable in the event of damage. Change over does not require factory installation, it can quickly and easily be replaced by the user.

Please note that due to its big diameter the use of this dome port does not allow to use the trigger on the PGS (it can be used with the newer PGXsII), you can still hold the pistol grip but must actuate the camera from the top shutter.





Key Features

  • Mechanically sealed, no adhesives used.
  • Element replaceable.

Dimensions (OD x Height): 195mm (7.70″) x 55mm (3.54″)

Weight: 385g (13.6oz)


  • Acrylic Element
  • High Strength Polyurethane Resin Body

Supports the following lenses and more:

  • Samyang 8mm f2.8 Fisheye Version 2
  • Sony SEL 16mm f2.8 with Sony Fisheye Converter