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Jason Childs

Since 1985, his surfing and beach lifestyle photography has stood firmly among the best in the world and have graced the covers of every major surf and beach lifestyle magazine on the globe. Including the prestigious USA publication, Surfer Magazine, where, after decades of covers and features, he still serves as staff photographer

“The ocean is where I feel at peace and free” says Jason, “it is where I feel most connected to the the natural beauty of this planet. Photographing the waves and the Ocean’s moods make it a very unique challenge. Whether swimming and shooting in the surf, or shooting from my jet ski’s or climbing a cliff to get an angle… it is all about bringing the viewer into another world”.

Jason’s Surf Photography is currently in highest demand and it continues to define the sport. He is using our water housing for Canon 1DX Mk I.

The Liquid Eye water-housings are made by a photographer! Philippe is a bloody good photographer and knows what we need to get the best job done. He respects his craft and handcrafts the housing to professional quality. He’s always looking to improve the housings and move with the Digi Photo Age. The beauty of these housings are the lightness and strength combined with being really comfortable to hold in the water. It’s good to have faith in the housings that you are putting your expensive babies in! Nothing sucks more than drowning a camera and lens due to a leaky housing!