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We construct, assemble and test every component of every housing ourselves under strict quality control. Ensuring we know exactly what goes into every unit. Using the best raw materials sourced globally – we pride ourselves on delivering the best water housings possible.


We not only make water housings for photographers, we have a long history of being water photographers also. We understand your needs and what a real photographer wants in a housing.


We have team members and ambassadors from all over the globe using our housings in every ocean. We listen to them and our customers to continue to innovate and deliver a water housing system you can rely on.


We invite you to search online for a better value; Liquid Eye offers unsurpassed professional quality water housings with more features at the most affordable prices on the market!  You may find lower prices, but not for professional quality water housings and port systems.


We support a larger variety of ports and extension rings than anyone and we can also design focus, aperture and zoom gears on an individual basis. No lens is off the table when it comes to choosing what glass to use in the water.

See Our Values

Some of our satisfied clients

Through the years I have had the opportunity to try and use many brands of water-housings. I have experimented with many systems and many materials. For the past 10 years I have been using Liquid Eye water-housings and I am completely hooked. They have the best systems ever. Liquid Eye’s housings are lightweight, strong, and there are a multitude of add-on features that are available. The zoom control and the pistol grip systems are amazing, they help me to push the limits of my water photography. The service is great too, a perfect combo!

Bernard BiancottoPhotographer

An opportunity to work with Liquid Eye housing has elevated the quality of my photos to a higher level. The Liquid Eye housing is just the best, really light and strong, and it gives me much more security when I go to the water. It is now easier for me to get the perfect sharpness with the right focus point and that way work more efficiently. Individual production of each housing is another advantage of Liquid Eye, with his experience, Philippe knows exactly what we need. Working with him is a big step in my career. It’s really great to be on board!

Bruno VeigaPhotographer

The Liquid Eye water-housings are made by a photographer! Philippe is a bloody good photographer and knows what we need to get the best job done. He respects his craft and handcrafts the housing to professional quality. He’s always looking to improve the housings and move with the Digi Photo Age. The beauty of these housings are the lightness and strength combined with being really comfortable to hold in the water. It’s good to have faith in the housings that you are putting your expensive babies in! Nothing sucks more than drowning a camera and lens due to a leaky housing!

Jason ChildPhotographer

12 years ago, my first housing was a Liquid Eye. Since then, I’ve worked with all his competitors, to finally come back to reason and use those yellow housings. They’re super light but strong as a rock, really comfortable to work with and reliable. The service that the company offers is the best in the biz, fast and professional. For whatever reasons, you need to ship your housing back to the factory, they will send it back in no time and for professional photographers, time is money.

Alex LaurelPhotographer

In the past I used a couple of different water-housings. Each of them had several weak points in the designs. So I prefer your water-housings because of the weight, of the stiffness and so on and so on. No doubt that my next water-housing will be a “Liquid Eye” as well!

Axel ReesePhotographer

What profesionals say about Liquid Eye water housing

Trusted by professionals around the worlds means we’re taking our house production to the quality they need. Our pleasure to continue create for the masterpiece they produce with out water housing.

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