Trumpet Port Lens O-ring

$ 12

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The Trumpet Port Lens O-ring is especially designed to fit on our Trumpet ports glass elements, either for the M or the L series.


Trumpet Port Lens O-ring

The Trumpet Port Lens O-ring is especially designed to fit on our M and L series Trumpet ports series.

This o-ring is made out of NBR. It will perfectly secure the seal between the Trumpet ports series and the front acrylic lens.

This o-ring is crafted to the precision tolerance required to hold a adequate seal between Liquid Eye’s Trumpet ports and the front lens element. NBR o-rings are easy to maintain.

It is important to keep them free of sand or dirt. As you do not have to open the front glass element (unless you have to change the acrylic glass), you do not need to grease this particular O-ring. But if you ever want or have to open it and give it a go, slightly grease them. For salted waters, it is highly suggested to use marine grease. Just put some marine grease on your fingers and slide the o-ring between your fingers to apply a thin coat of lubricant on the rubber. It is not recommended to over lubricate the o-ring. It may end up by sticking sand and other debris. A shinny look is fine.

Please kindly note that using another type of O-ring to seal your Trumpet port glass element may cause severe leak and void the warranty.

The Trumpet Port Lens O-ring fits on all our Trumpet M and L ports :

  • L-LT-50
  • M-LT-50