Acrylic front element for M Ports

$ 23


Acrylic Front Element for M Ports

This Acrylic front element is for the M port system. it can be purchased separately in case original element get scratched. It is easy to replace by yourself. You will just need a screwdriver to undo the retainer ring of the port.




Dimensions (OD x Height): 103mm (4.05″) x 5mm (0.20″)

Weight: 50g (1.76oz)


  • 5mm transparent acrylic sheet

Supports the following Ports:

  • M-LP-50
  • M-LP-60
  • M-LP-70
  • M-LP-80
  • M-LP-90
  • M-LP-100
  • M-LP-110
  • M-LP-120
  • M-LP-130
  • M-LP-140
  • M-LP-185
  • M-LP-205