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Sergei Shakuto

Bernard BiancottoBernard is a french photographer born in Africa in 1958. He now lives and works in the South East of France.

Bernard Biancotto has been working as a photographer since the very early 80’s, he specializes in windsurfing and many others nautical sports such as kiteboarding, sailing and yachting. His reputation is second to none when you speak about windsurfing photography; he is a true legend.

Since the beginning of the 80’s Bernard has been the senior photographer for Wind, the premier windsurfing magazine in France. He has travelled the world many time and spent more than 30 winters on the North Shore of Maui shooting the best windsurfers of the world. Needless to say, when Bernard speaks about photography, you open your ears and listen carefully.

Through the years I have had the opportunity to try and use many brands of water-housings. I have experimented with many systems and many materials. For the past 10 years I have been using Liquid Eye water-housings and I am completely hooked. They have the best systems ever. Liquid Eye’s housings are lightweight, strong, and there are a multitude of add-on features that are available. The zoom control and the pistol grip systems are amazing, they help me to push the limits of my water photography. The service is great too, a perfect combo!

Bernard is using our water housing for Canon 5D Mk3 and here are some of his photos :

bernard biancotto photo 1

bernard biancotto photo 2

bernard biancotto photo 3

bernard biancotto photo 4

bernard biancotto photo 5

bernard biancotto photo 6