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Jason Reposar

Jason ReposarJason Reposar began his surf photography career in September 1999 in the Ventura / Oxnard area of Southern California. His regular crew of surfers that he photographed were Dane Reynolds, Tim & Nathaniel Curran, Bobby Martinez, the Malloy brothers and Tom Curren. It was his unique eye and relentless drive that landed him a senior staff position at Transworld Surf magazine in October 1999 and lasted for the next 10 years. Jason now spends his time between Bali, Australia and London shooting fashion, music and surf photographs for clients and editorials worldwide.

At the end of the day I want security and simplicity. With my Liquid Eye set up, I have the security in knowing that my camera gear is safe, fully functional and can take a slight bang without busting up on me. I also love the fact that I haven’t lost a screw or mis-threaded a port since I’ve been using it. It’s a perfect system for me. It’s idiot proof!