Rubber Thread Cover for S Ports

$ 15


Rubber Thread Cover for S Ports

This rubber thread cover for S ports is manufactured by Liquid Eye. This port is specially designed to protect the inside port getting dust or debris inside when travelling. It is included when purchasing a second or third S port. It can be mounted on all the S ports (flat and dome).

You can buy extra ones if you wish to have spares in case of loss.

Made out of 4mm PU rubber, it will protect your investment and make your equipment super safe while travelling.




Dimensions (OD x Height): 90mm (3.54″) x 15mm (0.59″)

Weight: 40g (1.41oz)


  • PU Rubber compound

Supports the following Ports:

  • S-LP-55
  • S-LP-70
  • S-LP-80
  • S-LP-160
  • S-LD-4310
  • S-LD-4910
  • S-LD-4916