Fully Kitted Bundle for C5100 Nikon

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The Fully Kitted Bundle our most popular accessories for your water housing. Suitable for C5100 Water Housings models for Nikon Camera. This Fully Kitted Bundle includes our PGXIII, Right Side Grip, Protective Plate, Pro Leash, GoPro Mount, Thread Cover Port, Cover Port Hole Housing, Extra Backplate Gasket/O-ring, Extra Marine Grease, Extra Port Hole O-Ring

  • Compatible with the Nikon Camera that used our C5100 water housing models.
  • Save 15% off when you buy the bundle kit


Our “Fully Kitted Bundle”, built for the world’s greatest surf and ocean photographers, to enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The C5100 is ready to help you take your underwater photography to new limits. 

Fully Kitted Bundle contains:

  • Right Side Grip
  • Protective Plate
  • Pro Leash
  • GoPro Mount
  • Thread Cover Port
  • Cover Port Hole Housing
  • Extra Backplate Gasket/O-ring
  • Extra Marine Grease
  • Extra Port Hole O-Ring