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Thank you for your purchase with us.

Pease read this important and helpfull information about making payment.

As you read this text, you already clicked on the “CHECKOUT” button, but you do not know yet how to pay. Do not worry, one of our agents will send you a complete instruction procedure by email. It takes about 24/48H to receive that email (except on weekends, it may take longer). If you do not see it in your mailbox within this period, please check your spam box first. If you still do not see it, just feel free to contact us via the contact form page on our website.

In order to confirm your order, we will need to receive your deposit payment (it must be equal or greater than 50% of your total invoice amount) or full payment to confirm your order.
We recommend making full payment in order to minimize your bank’s transfer fees.

Your item will be shipped once the full payment is received.

Please be sure to transfer the correct amount in the quoted currency. Using a currency other than the quoted currency will result in the transfer being rejected by the bank. Your bank will still charge you the transfer fee regardless of whether the payment is accepted or rejected, so be very aware about that.

The total fee is net, exclusive of bank transfer costs or other transfer costs. The amount showing up on our account should be the amount quoted or else you will need to make another payment for the balance. Please ask your bank teller to process the transfer with all charges at sender’s expense; this is sometimes also called O U R transfer with “full amount guaranty”. This designation may be different depending on your country and/or your bank. Please check with your bank for further details.

If you use your online banking to transfer the payment, please be aware that some online banks do not offer the option of OUR bank transfer and use SHA (shared) by default. SHA transfers split the fees between the sender and the receiver. In this case we will not receive the full amount as requested above.

Our bank uses SWIFT code only and not IBAN or BIC codes, so there is no need for you to ask for IBAN or BIC codes. If your bank teller asks for IBAN or BIC it is because they may not be familiar with international bank transfers.