Water Housings for Canon Cameras

Why do we built Water Housings for Canon Cameras ?

Since it was first introduced in 1987, the Canon EOS (Electro-Optical System) has dominated sports photography thanks to its leading edge autofocusing technology.
Surf photographers were quick to embrace Canon’s EOS cameras.

By 1989 a majority of water shooters were using the famous EOS 630 with its amazing (at that time) 5 fps.
Over the past three decades Canon has continued to innovate with amazing cameras and lenses tailored to sports/action photographers. Today, Canon is the dominate company in that market. Not surprisingly Canon has remained a favorite among surf photographers.
Below you will find our full range of Water Housings for Canon Cameras.

About Canon

Since it’s founding in 1937, Japan’s Canon company has been known for innovation and excellence in imaging equipment. From its early years of launching Japan’s first focal-plane-shutter-camera to the expansion of its specialties to include scanners and other office imaging equipment, Canon has built tools that enable photographers to create the photos and video that have captured everything from people, to sports, to wildlife, to landscapes and beyond. Today Canon camera systems are used by professional and amateur photographers across the world, shooting everything from simple point-and-shoot cameras to fully-equipped digital SLRs. The quality of Canon optics and lenses are prized by photographers and videographers for their precision and low distortion – the ‘L’ series of lenses are at the top of the imaging industry and synonymous with quality.

Canon EOS revolution

Since the launch of its first digital camera in 1992, Canon has continually pushed the limits of digital imaging technology, causing a revolution in independent film making with the launch of the 5D Mark II – capable of shooting Full HD digital video. Today Canon’s newest cameras can shoot Ultra High Definition (UHD) video and feature innovations such as GPS tagging for images and ultra high speed autofocus.

From seasoned professionals to aspiring beginners, Canon has a camera system suitable for nearly every style and budget – and Liquid Eye Water Housing systems has a housing that can be configured to be compatible with nearly every camera / lens combination Canon offers.