Sebastian RojasBorn in Brazil, Sebastian Rojas started photographing surfing in the 80’s and since the beginning of his career he chose aquatic photography. “I’ve always been passionate about the feeling of swimming beneath the waves and water action”. Since then he never stopped traveling and photographing for Fluir, Brazil’s biggest magazine on this segment. With over 60 covers published, Rojas has travelled across the world producing pictures and issues in remote places. Always having aquatic photos as his main feature.

Sebastian Rojas counts more than 30 years of career while he continues to practice aquatic photography as a sport and profession. Always bearing in mind the evolution of the latest techniques in surfing photography.

In 2006, he started to teach aquatic photography workshops. Hundreds of students have had the chance to attend and receive the teachings of Brazil’s aquatic photography master.

Sebastian is using :

“This new generation has been making me so proud for exercising their talent in aquatic photography and publishing high-quality material.”

Liquid Eye’s waterproof cases met my expectations, they are light and resistant and have precise controls. Our partnership began in 2012 and only tends to grow with the development of new ideas and models. I am proud to be part of the Liquid Eye’s team and also to know I’m being well assisted by their equipment. I recommend Liquid Eye to all my students and to anyone who seeks information regarding equipments for aquatic photography.

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