Water Housing for Sony Alpha A7R II α7R II

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When purchasing a Liquid Eye C2060 water housing for the Sony Alpha A7R II camera, you first select your housing color (yellow is our stock color).

Our back plate for the Sony Alpha A7R II includes essential controls specifically adapted for this camera. For an extra charge we can offer the option of some additional controls. Our customer service representative will assist you with ordering custom controls.

Next select the main lens you intend to use from our drop down menu list of all the lenses supported at no additional cost. If your lens is not listed please use our handy guide to see if your lens is supported. Whether it is or not, please contact us and we will process your order manually.

If you plan to use your lens’ zoom, you will need a gear sleeve. This is a necessary extra component if you want to control your focal length during your shooting session. The gear sleeve fits on your lens and engages your lens with our zoom control ready water housing. Gear sleeves are not included in the price of the port.

If you plan to use a number of different lenses, please contact us and will assist you with your order.


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