Water Housing for Nikon Z9

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Our C5100 Water Housing for Nikon Z9 is sold as a ready to use kit ; just add your camera, lens, and you’re ready to start creating images in and around the water.

The C5100 for Nikon Z9 kit includes:

  • an extremely durable, impact resistant polyurethane resin water housing,
  • an acrylic back plate with access to your DSLR’s essential controls,
  • a pistol grip equipped with our proprietary dual-stage autofocus trigger which allows precise control of your lens focus,
  • an interchangeable port (our Water Housing for Nikon Z9 uses our L Mount Port Series),
  • a rugged left side hand grip, a camera tray, an auxiliary front shutter button
  • and our ultra-smooth zoom control*

This is a complete water ready system; all you add is the camera and lens and you are equipped to go.
Our Liquid Eye Model C5100 Water Housing for Nikon Z9 is also compatible with the Canon EOS R3. All that is needed to switch from one to another is to switch the camera tray, the back plate, the camera plug (as the two cameras use different plugs) and a few others small controls specific to the camera. 

* Zoom lenses require a gear sleeve to engage the water housings zoom control. These are subject to additional cost.

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