Water Housing C6X00 for Sony A6600 Alpha 6600 α6600

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When purchasing a Liquid Eye C6600 water housing for the Sony Alpha 6600 (α6600 / A6600) camera you first select your housing color (yellow is our stock color).

Then you select whether you want the water housing with or without the pistol grip. As we strongly recommend using the pistol grip, we have set this as the default package. If you are sure that you do not need a pistol grip, simply choose the option “without pistol grip”.

Next, select the main lens you intend to use from our drop down menu list of all the lenses supported at no additional cost. If your lens is not listed please use our handy guide to see if your lens is supported. Whether it is or not, please contact us and we will process your order manually. The port system for the C6X00 is now the S+ line, with the ID of 74mm which allows you to fit slightly bigger lenses than in the previous S Line port system (maximum lens diameter of 68mm).

If you plan to use a number of different lenses, please contact us and we will assist you with your order.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : The C6X00 can also fit the A6000, A6100, A6300, A6400 and A6500. When upgrading from A6000 to a 6400 for example, you will just need to change a few parts in the water housing and on the back plate. If you want to order this model for another camera than the A6600, all you need to do is to specify it in your order in the additional information field just next to the “place order” button

*If you order the pistol grip.

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