Ports & Gear Sleeves for Nikon C2100 Nikon Z Mount Lenses

    In case you will have to add another lens/port to your order, please completed step by step to easily add one or several extra ports to your order. Gear sleeves may also be added at this point if wanted for zoom control and if applicable to the lens chosen.

    You can only add one at the time. If you have multiple lenses, just repeat the same process after adding them one by one to your cart. Click the button “Edit” in case you want to change your lens choice.

    Please note if you are going to use F lenses with the Nikon FTZ Adapter, we recommend you to contact us for helping you out to select the correct port.

    Due to the odd shape of the FTZ adapter, It is not possible to use our zoom control system with a Nikon (or 3rd party) F mount zoom lens.