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Mirrorless cameras are a game changer in the world of water photography. They are small, light and loaded with amazing features and specifications– that’s a fact!

At Liquid Eye we decided that rather than adapting one of our existing models to these small form factor cameras, we would design a water housing optimized to take advantage of these camera’s size and features!

We selected the Fujifilm X-T3 model as are starting point. This camera one of the best in its class for options and performance available in the market. To complement this amazing camera, Liquid Eye is proud to present our C2070— a small form factor water housing that harnesses all the great features that make these cameras so exceptional.

As an added bonus, we have also adapted a right and left removable side handles. If you decide to shoot videos, the side handles offer a better grip for stability shooting. If you prefer to shoot stills, then you can use our amazing PGXII pistol grip with its undisputed double stage trigger system. You can also switch between several combinations with the 3 available grips. The side handles grips attach to the main water housing shell with a very low profile design and very rounded shape. Which insure a face friendly design even if you decide to do not mount any of the side handle.

We think you will agree, Liquid Eye’s model C2070 is every bit the game changer that this amazing camera is – small, light and packed with features!

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