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Like our C2100, our C2500 support several Canon and Nikon models.

The C2500 can either fit the EOS 1Dx or the 1DxMkII and MkIII, as well as the Nikon D5 and D6 by changing a few chocks inside the water housing main shell.

The back plate of the 1Dx and 1Dx MkII are slightly different to adapt and line up with all the main controls located on the back of the cameras, as both are not exactly the same. The EOS 1DxMkII and MkIII will fit in the same version of the C2500 without any change as both cameras are identical.

The Nikon D5 and D6 will also fit in the C2500. The D5 and D6 do not share the same shocks and the same back plate, as the D6 is a bit bigger in size and volume than the D5. So, if you upgrade from Nikon D5 to D6 you will need to change the chocks and the back plate.

The C2500 housing is built the same way as our C2100 and features a rugged, high strength PU resin case, a modular detachable L-LP port system, an integrated manual zoom control and a detachable dual stage auto-focus/shutter release pistol grip. The C2500 only comes in the advanced version.

As our C2100 Advanced model the C2500 has all the features listed above, plus select camera back controls and an auxiliary front shutter button control. The C2500 delivers greater artistic control and in most models enables switching between video and stills (if your camera allows this possibility) on the fly. The added auxiliary front shutter control is a handy feature for those who wish to use our double handle grip when shooting video.

The C2500 is a very versatile water housing that offers photographers maximum control, the highest versatility and unmatched reliability.


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