New YouTube Interview video series

Liquid Eye is proud to share with you a new YouTube



We call it: “Interview with experts series. Pros that will inspire you”


Each time we have a professional photographer visit our shop, we will approach them for a quick interview, asking similar questions in each interview.


We’ll ask the typical kinds questions that you might ask, such as:

  • As a professional photographer, how did they get to where they are now?
  • What camera equipment/gear do they use in the water?
  • What’s your favorite focal length for water shots, why?
  • What is their advice for beginning photographers?
  • What is the toughest part of their job?
  • Do they have special tips?


And many others question you will discover all along the interviews.


At Liquid Eye, sharing our knowledge is like a second religion and we are very happy to bring you these interviews. We hope you enjoy them and that they bring something extra to your photo-shoots and enliven your passion for photography.

This week we begin with the legendary Southern California photographer Damea Dorsey.

Through his unique career path and experiences Damea has some interesting advice for us and we believe you will find him helpful and entertaining. We are pretty sure you will like it.


In the coming weeks more top shooters from around the world will be paying us a visit. Some you may or may not be familiar with, but all are guaranteed to be informative and enjoyable..


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