Introducing the New and Improved Liquid Eye Pistol Grip


The Pistol Grip Has Been Reinvented and a New Standard is Born

The result of many years of evolution, research, design and real world testing, the latest versions of the Liquid Eye pistol grip have set a new standard in usability, reliability and sheer clever design. The PGXII for the C2060, C2070, C2100 and C2500. The PGXsII for the smaller C6000-C6500 models and the new C6X00. Both are designed to create a seamless link between your eye and your camera.

So What Makes It So Special

As with our previous pistol grips the connection between the trigger and the camera requires no wires or extra holes between the pistol grip and the water housing. This maintains the structural integrity of the housing. So whats new with this one.

The trigger has about 5mm of play before you reach a distinctive point where your finger is stopped by the force difference. It’s up to this point that the AF is activated.
Depending on the AF mode you are using on your camera, you can play with this stroke area to track and frame your subject. Much like using the back focus button but much better because you only need to use one hand.

It’s simple to use, exactly like you would be doing from the beach on your camera’s front shutter button.
And of course if you use a non AF lens you can bypass this step by simply applying a stronger pressure all at once.

The special mechanism enclosed inside the pistol grip will provide a “click” once you pass this position, meaning you stepped from the AF position and into releasing the shutter.
The trigger on the PGXII and PGXsII not only provide a mechanical step but also an audible step to inform that you took the shot.

This is very convenient when you shoot without aiming through the viewfinder, like with a fish eye or a super wide angle, as you will feel and hear the “click”, confirming that you’ve taken the shot.

How Durable is it? Won’t Sand be get Inside the Mechanism!

This new pistol grip was also designed to be sand proof. As we all know, sand is a nightmare for any mechanism, as tiny grits of sand can jam up and block a whole system.
We deliberately took the option of an open grip system, which allows the sand to enter and exit with the water flow, without interference. Our R&D department tested this system in many different sand grades from different beaches around the globe in very extreme conditions, including the infamous Sandy Beach on O’ahu, to test how the sand could jam the system. This grip came out on top!

Ergonimic Design

As soon as you place your hand on the new pistol grip, no matter how many other housings you have used, you are going to agree it is the most comfortable and natural shape for a pistol grip to be.

It is a totally redesigned grip shape to ergonomically fit in your hand combined with a ribbed rubber pad now covering about 75% of the pistol, this ensures an excellent grip. We added an additional spout at the lower part of the pistol to avoid accidental slip out in the event that you get proper pounded by a wave. Like all of our housing models, the PGXII and PGXsII are made of high strength PU resin.

Backward Compatibility

The PGXII and PGXsII are compatible with our previous versions of C2100, C6000, C6300 and C6500. Which means if you bought your water housing a couple years ago, you can still upgrade to this new version.
We hope you will appreciate how we have designed these to be back compatible with our existing housings. It’s rare to see this kind of dedication, to not only coming up with a new, better design, but one that can be used by most of our customers and the equipment they already have.

Check out the Video for Full Demonstration of these Features.

Check out the video above or better yet, order one for yourself. We are confident you are going to love the all new design just as much as we do.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!

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