Interview Video Series Tommy Schultz

Tommy Schultz – Ocean Adventure Photographer

Hello everyone.


This week we’re proud to bring you another installment of our ‘Interviews with Experts’ YouTube series featuring award winning adventure-travel- water photographer Tommy Schultz.


If you’re following our blog, you might remember Tommy’s interview from a few months ago (click HERE to check it out). And if you’re not following, please add our channel to get more updates and inspiration from our Liquid Eye pro photographers.


In late January we also published Tommy’s test video of his customized setup on our Instagram (@liquideyewaterhousings). He’s using a C2100 Pro model and the Canon 5D Mark IV. He will be doing another update soon about how we were able to rig up his C2100 with a pair of powerful underwater strobes (the first time we’ve added this feature to one of our housings).


Tommy’s assignments take him all over the world, just a few weeks ago he was exploring a remote corner of Indonesian Papua.


We had him here in the office right after his trip, hearing all about all the amazing coral reefs and wildlife that he saw and photographed. Tommy has been exploring the outer reaches of the Indo-Pacific region for over a decade, capturing stunning images of the wildlife and people who make the ocean their home.


Tommy loves to share his knowledge with other wildlife and photography lovers, and he’s always pushing our gear to the very limit. Experimenting with new tricks and finding ways to deliver the best possible images for his clients is his thing. He does not stop exploring whether it is on land, in the surf, or under the sea surface or with his gear.


As you might guess, Tommy is kind of a gold mine for unusual stories and incredible encounters he had across the globe, exploring the wild beauty of our planet’s oceans.


We’ll be adding more of his photos and stories here on the blog, our YouTube channel, and Instagram.


You might have seen Tommy’s work in National Geographic, Patagonia, The Surfer’s Journal, and many many magazine covers from his adventures. A selection of his fine art surf photography was exhibited at the prestigious Galerie Jean-Denis Walter in Paris. He’s photographed legendary surfers like Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado, and many more on his surf assignments. He was also a professional photographer judge on Canon’s ‘Photo Face Off’ tv show on the History Channel.


Take a few minutes to hear more about Tommy’s experience as an ocean adventure photographer, and please check back here for more inspiration from our Liquid Eye pro photographers!




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