Interview Video Series Sebastian Rojas

Interview Video Series #2 with this week feature : Sebastian Rojas


Hello everyone.


This week we continue our interview series.

We are proud to bring you a new installment of our Interviews with Experts YouTube series featuring renowned Brazilian surf photographer Sebastian Rojas.


With over 37 years in the field, Sebastian has beautifully recorded waves, surfing and the oceans, creating amazing art through his photography.  He is the foremost photographer for premier surf magazine in Brazil- Fluir.


No need to mention Sebastian or Seba as everybody use to call him, is a true legend in Brazil. There is not a single surf photographer or a surfer in this huge country who does not know his name.

Seba is a part of the surf history in Brazil. He was already on the beach shooting waves when surf was still very little in South America.

Today Sebastian still shoots and goes every year to the North Shore of Oahu to spend 3 to 4 months with the top surfers and he still shoots Pipeline in the water even if it is over 8 to 10 feet. On the North shore beaches everybody easy recognize his white hair when he walks on the golden sand of Sunset or Rocky Point. His tall and thin silhouette is part of the North Shore scenery when the waves are pumping.


When he is not shooting on an assignment, Sebastian runs photography courses for Brazilian young men and women. His knowledge is legendary and all the students feel very lucky to have him as their teacher. Some of them are famous nowadays and because of his lessons can make a living with surf photography.


If you’d like to know more about Sebastian, and more about art shooting in the water, watch the complete interview.




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