Interview Video Series Henrique Pinguim

Henrique Pinguim Interview Video Series

Hello again every one.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with the experts chat with the outstanding surf photographer Sebastian Rojas!

Aptly, we now we bring you a  younger Brazilian photographer that was mentored by Sebastian-  he is Henrique Pinguim.

Henrique is a top tier water shooter that hails from Rio de Janeiro.

Henrique began by photographing his friends for fun, but his results were so good that he was encouraged to make shooting his living. He is a passionate photographer that has been specializing in tight action surf photography for more than 10 years, earning accolades and scoring magazine covers world-wide as he travels between Brazil, Hawaii and Indonesia.

Henrique is always looking to upgrade his kit with the latest models and top of the line gear.

Henrique loves innovations in technology. So he is well known as an avid buyer when it comes to new lenses and cameras. When he first came to meet Liquid Eye he was shooting Canon, but with the rise of Sony cameras and their incredible mirrorless models and our small full featured Sony housings it was not difficult for him to make it switch for good. As far as we can tell, he is quite happy with that now.

It is always a pleasure to have Henrique around as he is such a nice character and always ready to make a joke and have fun. He is very loved by his pals and he is the man when it comes to making BBQ , as he is the second to none for grilling the most delicious steaks.

We invite you to discover Henrique secrets watching the complete interview.

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