How to Get Started in Action Water Photography



Welcome to our first instalment of our Liquid Eye Tutorial series!


Come check out the new video on our YouTube Channel as Dave Yamaya takes us on a thought provoking guide to getting started in action water photography.

There are a great many things to consider when looking at getting into shooting from the water for the first time. You may already have a camera you use to shoot from land. You may be looking at purchasing one that will be the best fit for your style, environment and skill/profession. If you already have a camera, is it supported by water housing manufacturers. Are the lenses you have going to work in a housing. These are some of the questions you will want to be asking. If its your first time getting into action water photography. Are you  already familiar with cameras. Are you a good swimmer and able to use a large housing. What conditions will I mostly be swimming in. The questions to think about are many and varied. The ocean and surf photography can be a humbling experience, so it is always good to ask your self every question you can think of and give yourself honest answers.

In the friendly guide by Dave Yamaya, he takes us through the first steps in exploring and deciding on the many facets of water housing systems. How to choose the right camera. Choose the right lens and complete set up that you will need to achieve your goals in the wonderful world of capturing amazing ocean imagery.


Shooting from the water can be one of the most rewarding things personally and indeed professionally, if you get it right. So getting it right from the start  is going to be an important first step in the life of any person looking to jump in! Enjoy!


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